Animal Attack

Animal Attack Personal Injury Claims

Submitted by Norman on Fri, 08/13/2010 - 09:44
Whether it be a dog, a cat, a monkey, a snake, a camel or a horse, being attacked by an animal is definitely traumatic experience. Animal attacks can be prevented if the owners or caretakers exercise proper caution and care which will prevent the occurrence of such ill-fated events.

Woman To Pay Personal Injury compensation For Ordering Dog to bite police officer.

Submitted by Norman on Fri, 06/04/2010 - 09:31

Dionne Bolton, a 21 year old from Edinburgh, Scotland, has been ordered to pay £200 in personal injury compensation($290 approx) to a police officer for ordering her dog to bite him.

The dog bit Consatble McGee on the backside, resulting in puncture wounds which required Consatble McGee to go to the hospital.

Constable Andrew McGee was one of 9 officers to enter Ms. Bolton's house, having obtained a search warrant to enter it.

Ms. Bolton apparently repeatedly shouted at her dog to "bite him", pointing at Constable McGee.