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What We Do

Unified Injury’s goal is to help make the process of finding a personal injury attorney for you an easy and stress-free process.

Fill out our Free Personal Injury Evaluation and a personal injury attorney will evaluate your case at no charge.

The personal injury lawyer we will put you in contact with will provide you with the help and advice to guide you through your personal injury case and to get the settlement you deserve.

Two Simple Steps

  1. Fill Out Our Free Case Evaluation.
  2. A Personal Injury Lawyer Contacts You At No Charge.

Types of Personal Injury

Personal Injury accidents cover a wide range of incidents including:

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Our Mission

Unified Injury’s mission is to help those who are affected by injuries and accidents receive the compensation they deserve.

To do this we ask you first to please complete a Free Personal Injury Case Evaluation. A personal injury attorney in your area will then call you to discuss your case for free.

Claims should be made as soon as possible after the injury has occurred, as each state has statutes which limit the amount of time you have to file a claim.