Personal Injury Claim For Sexual Abuse

13 Aug 2010

Posted by Norman
Victims of sexual abuse cannot receive monetary damages from the law and it is therefore necessary for such victims to file civil lawsuits in order to receive compensation for their injuries and the trauma they have gone through. Any victim of sexual abuse can file a civil lawsuit to recover financial compensation for injuries sustained deliberately from the perpetrator or from any others whose unreasonable conduct failed to protect him or her and/or allowed the abuse to occur. Monetary damages received can help victims of sexual assault and abuse put their lives back together by paying for medical bills, past and future counseling and therapy, lost income, any loss in earning capacity, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. For those who have suffered sexual abuse, a civil suit may be an appropriate means of attaining accountability and justice. This gives victims a chance to stand up for their rights and speak out against anyone who hurt them and make sure the offenders are held responsible for their actions. However, prior to filing a sexual abuse personal injury claim, the victim must be able to prove that the defendant is legally responsible for the injury and that the injury received is the result of his or her wrongdoing. It is also important to talk with a mental health professional about how you feel and to receive help with coping, healing, and obtaining closure. If both you and your therapist determine filing a sexual assault claim would be a good thing for you, you can then explore some resources online and in bookstores that explain the litigation process, after you have spoken with a personal injury attorney. However, if you do plan to file a lawsuit, do not read any self-help books that discuss symptoms as the defense could use them against you. You should not write any angry letters to an abuser or their employer and never approach them by yourself or attempt to negotiate a settlement. It is also important to file your claim in a timely manner as they are subject to statutes of limitations (timeframe a plaintiff has to file for damages), varying from state to state. Parents of sexually abused children can also file claims on their behalf. You can also file civil claim against an abuser, even if the state has determined that there is insufficient evidence to bring a criminal case or the criminal case was not successful. Due to the emotional nature of sexual abuse lawsuits, it is extremely important to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer displaying a great degree of care and professionalism to help you file such a suit. You can find a personal injury attorney to handle your personal injury claim for sexual abuse through your state’s sexual assault coalition and ask for a list of lawyers who have won these types of claims. Your state’s bar association may have a victims’ law subcommittee that can provide you with a membership list. You can also contact the National Center for Victims of Crime for a referral. Your lawyer will then determine which state to file your claim, depending upon where the abuser lives, where the abuse took place, and where you live. The personal injury attorney will help guide you through the process of filing a claim and make the process as stress free as possible, allowing you more time to focus on recovering physically and mentally from such a traumatic event.


Sex delivers pleasures of Heaven but is Hell when it is abused.
The emotional distress caused by sexual abuse wrecks the life of abused.
Its true that a civil suit gives accountability and justice to the abused and monetary damages do help in putting back life together. An informative article.

I imagine that filing a lawsuit would give a victim of sexual abuse a sense of power, after having in taken away in such a vile manner. I wonder if potential perpetrators would have second thoughts about acting out if more lawsuits were filed.


It is very sad to hear that victims cannot receive money under the law and need to go to court to get some justice. It would be nice to see some changes there to make it easier for the victims to receive some form of compensation and justice.
Lydia Taylor

This is a nice article which gives informations about sexual abuse. The legal information about the sexual abuse and the injuries a victim could face will surely help help the people who have been affected by this.Thank you for publishing this information.


This is a nice article which tell about personal injuries claim for sexual abuse.From this article we now what are problems faced from sexual abuse.thanks for publishing this information.