Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney for a Sexual Abuse Claim

If you or a loved one for whom you’re an advocate has been the victim of sexual abuse, then you will want to consider hiring a personal injury attorney to handle your civil claim for damages. Although criminal charges may also be filed against the assailant, receiving damages or compensation for injuries requires you file a civil suit against the person and/or entities responsible.

Financial Liability for Your Sexual Abuse Injuries

Any individual who sexually abuses another can be held criminally liable, but you can also hold them financially liable for the injuries suffer. In some cases, the responsible party will be a single individual, but sexual abuse personal injury claims can also be brought against an organization, business or other entity, if the negligence or misconduct of that entity played a part in the sexual abuse suffered. In such a claim, financial liability can rest with the assailant as well as the entity that failed to prevent the abuse from occurring.

The Initial Consultation for a Sexual Abuse Claim

The first action necessary for hiring a personal injury attorney is to schedule an initial consultation meeting. The initial consultation is typically offered free of charge and is necessary to evaluate the details of your claim. The attorney will review your claim with you and provide you a realistic image of the viability of the case, the timeframe for processing the claim, the potential damages you may be awarded, and what will be expected of you throughout the legal process.

The attorney will also inform you of their billing practices and communicate a fee estimate and schedule during the initial consultation. Most sexual abuse personal injury attorneys work on contingency, which means they are not paid unless your claim is successful and you’re awarded damages. At that time, your attorney would receive a previously agreed to percentage of the compensation you receive for your injuries.

What Help can a Sexual Abuse Personal Injury Attorney Provide?

A sexual abuse attorney will help you determine the viability, or win-ability, of your claim. They will help you collect the essential documentation needed to support your claim and act as intermediary for you in all communications and legal actions, all while keeping your best interests in mind. They are able to remove some of the stress from you, and hiring an attorney you trust is essential to a successful sexual abuse lawsuit, as you will need to work closely with your legal advocate throughout the process.

A personal injury lawyer can help you decide if settling out of court is appropriate or if proceeding to trial is your best option. He or she will educate you on what each option means for you in terms of exposure and potential damages that may be awarded. A sexual abuse personal injury attorney always works to earn you justice in terms of both compensation and punitive results for the assailant and/or other parties responsible in your claim.