Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer

The experience and skill of a Fresno personal injury lawyer can help you greatly increase your chances of making a successful personal injury claim and receiving fair and just compensation for your injuries.

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen at any time, anywhere. Whether it is a slip and fall accident, traffic accident or another mishap that leaves you injured, injuries can occur right out of the blue. Everyone has the responsibility to care for themselves as well as to practice care to others. If someone who owed you a duty of care acts negligently or recklessly and caused you an injury in the process, you may file a personal injury lawsuit against that person. Fresno personal injury law allows injured individuals to recover damages from the party at fault for their injuries. Working with a Fresno personal injury lawyer is the best way to ensure you have the highest chance of making a successful claim

Cases Covered Under Fresno Personal Injury Law The majority of personal injury cases in Fresno, California involve automobile accidents. Even with all the advancements in automobile safety technology, many people are still injured due to automobile accidents. Common causes of these accidents include driver distractions, drunk driving, aggressive driving, speeding and inclement weather. Other cases covered under the jurisdiction of Fresno personal injury law involve medical malpractice accidents, animal attacks, nursing home abuse, workplace accidents, environmental pollution, exposure to toxic chemicals, use of defective products, assault and battery.

Suffering an injury can be quite expensive. Frequent visit to the doctor, undergoing therapy and taking medications can be extremely costly and put severe financial strain on an injured person and their family. It’s due to this fact that personal injury law allows injured individuals to file a personal injury claim and seek compensation for their injuries from those responsible for them.

Comparative Fault Under Fresno personal injury law, each individual has a duty to use care in actions so as not to hurt others or cause injuries. There is a duty of care involved in any personal injury situation and in most cases, determining whether the duty of care has been breached is not too difficult. But what if it is found that both parties involved in a case are liable for the resulting injury?

Fresno personal injury law allows a jury to allocate responsibility in a lawsuit. This body of law permits a jury to compare the fault level of the plaintiff and the defendant. If the plaintiff is found to be 85 percent at fault, the defendant has to pay only 15 percent of the total award for damages. Likewise, if the plaintiff is found to be 15 percent at fault, the defendant has to pay 85 percent of the total monetary compensation. Fresno personal injury law simply entitles you to be compensated based on the percentage of the other party‘s fault regardless of how high your fault percentage is.

Negligence is not always placed squarely on one participant. Fresno personal injury law does not necessarily hold one party at fault and the other totally blameless. This kind of ruling does not only apply to the city of Fresno but to the entire state of California. The main purpose of this law is to let the court weigh all the pertaining evidence in order to provide fair solution.

In order to identify who is responsible for your injury and to what degree they are responsible, you should consult a Fresno personal injury lawyer. A Fresno personal injury lawyer will use their skill and experience to identify who you should name as a defendant and will also make the entire process much more manageable than if you were to handle the claim alone. A Fresno personal injury lawyer can make a world of difference to your chances of making a successful claim.