Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney for an Assault and Battery Claim

If you’ve been the victim of an assault and battery, then you will want to consider hiring a personal injury attorney to handle your civil claim for damages. While criminal charges may also be filed against your assailant, receiving compensation for your injuries requires you to pursue a civil suit against the person responsible.

Financial Liability for Your Assault and Battery Injuries

An individual who commits assault and battery can be held criminally liable for the incident, but you can also hold them financially liable for the injuries you suffer as the victim. Medical bills, lost wages and other forms of financial losses are common with assault and battery cases in which the victim suffers physical injuries.

Emotional or psychological injuries can also result from an assault and battery, and the victim may therefore have expenses associated with counseling or therapy as well. These financial damages can also be included in a personal injury lawsuit.

Additional damages of a non-economic nature may additionally be a part of your claim, including pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment and other more abstract or more difficult to quantify damages. It’s possible in some assault and battery claims to receive compensation for these types of losses.

The Initial Consultation for an Assault and Battery Claim

The first step in hiring a personal injury attorney for an assault and battery claim is to attend a consultation meeting with the attorney you’re considering for hire. Most personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation in which they assess the details of your case and determine if filing a personal injury claim is worth their time and yours. In other words, they will review your case to decide if it is potentially “winnable” under personal injury law in your jurisdiction.

During your consultation, the attorney will go over any documents you have pertaining to the incident, including police reports and medical records. The attorney will walk you through the lawsuit process, and help you determine if this legal course of action is in your best interest. He or she will be able to provide you an estimated timeline for the claim as well as estimates on legal fees and the amount of potential compensation for damages you may be able to receive.

Many assault and battery personal injury attorneys work on contingency. This means they don’t require the payment of legal fees up front for their services but rather charge only if your claim is successful and you receive compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. What Help can an Assault and Battery Personal Injury Attorney Provide?

An assault and battery attorney will help you determine the viability of your claim. They will also help you collect the essential documentation needed to support your claim. An attorney additionally takes the burden off of you during the case by acting as the intermediary in all communications associated with the claim, all the while, keeping you informed of progress with your case.

An attorney familiar with assault and battery personal injury cases can make recommendations for the kinds of damages you include in your lawsuit based on their legal expertise and the particular circumstances of your case. Damages may cover everything from medical expenses and lost wages to pain and suffering or loss of future earnings ability, dependent upon the extent of your personal injuries and the nature of the assault and battery you suffered.

Many assault and battery personal injury claims are settled outside the court system. Your personal injury lawyer will educate you on your options, work to get you the justice and compensation you deserve, and all the while will act as a buffer between you and the legal system and your assailant.