Tucson Personal Injury Lawyer

A Tucson personal injury lawyer is an experienced legal expert who can assist you in the filing of your personal injury claim.

Tucson personal injury law is focused on seeking to recover compensation and damages for a victim of an injury (either psychological or physical) that has occurred due to the wrongful action of another person or entity. Everyone makes mistakes, but such mistakes can be prevented if people exercise the proper care around others. To prevent people from acting negligently in the presence of others and to discourage others from acting negligently, the law allows any injured individual to file a claim against the person responsible for their injuries, whether be it an individual person, a large company, a hospital or other organization.

Negligence Most personal injury lawsuits filed in the city of Tucson are based on negligence. Under Tucson personal injury law, one should practice reasonable care in order to prevent any accident/injury to others. If a person owes another individual a duty of care (has to act responsibly around that individual in order to ensure their safety) and that breach of duty results in an injury, he/she can be held liable for all the damages and losses the injured person incurs. In some cases, liability is not always placed on only one participant. There are instances where two or more individuals can be named as defendant. A Tucson personal injury lawyer will be able to help identify who to name as defendant/s in your personal injury claim.

If the defendant is found to be one hundred percent liable for the accident or the claimant’s injury, he/she will be held liable for all the damages and losses the victim has earned. But if the claimant is equal or over fifty percent liable for his injury, he/she would receive nothing from the other party. If the claimant is less than 50 percent responsible for his/her injury, he/she can still get monetary compensation but a lesser amount than what he could get if he contributed nothing to his injury. In order to asses each person’s liability for the injury, you should speak with a Tucson personal injury lawyer.

Intentional Wrong Personal injury cases that involve injuries, which have been inflicted upon the victim intentionally, are usually based on intentional wrong or intentional torts. Damages available for cases of this type tend to be broader than for negligence-based cases. Battery cases usually fall under the jurisdiction of Tucson personal injury law based on intentional wrong. Under this law, any person who deliberately violated a legal duty to another may be held liable. The victim can recover actual monetary damages as well as punitive damages.

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of the negligence of another individual(s)/organization, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible from a Tucson personal injury lawyer. A Tucson personal injury lawyer will have experience handling cases similar to your and will be able to handle all of the complicated legal proceedings involved in filing a personal injury claim, making the entire process much less stressful. Hiring a Tucson personal injury lawyer can only bring benefits to your claim.