Trends In Personal Injury law

Submitted by Norman on Mon, 07/26/2010 - 11:49

A number of different trends can be found in Personal Injury law these days. These are all trends that are influencing how judges and lawyers handle different Personal Injury cases. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of what these trends are and in this article we hope to help you know a little bit more about them and how they may affect your Personal Injury claim.

One of the most notable trends involves how joint liability cases are becoming more common. This is where multiple parties can be held liable for an injury. This is an emerging trend as many single parties found liable in a Personal Injury claim may not be able to financially handle all damages in a personal injury case. Two or more liable parties, on the other hand, will be more likely to handle these damages as each will have to pay a certain amount of the damages, based on their level of liability.

The structured settlement is another common trend that is being used in Personal Injury law. This is where damages are paid out over time rather than all at once. This is especially used in today’s economy where a typical party may not be able to pay all the expenses at one time.

One more noticeable trend involves how damages in medical malpractice cases are increasing. It is estimated that the damages given out in medical malpractice personal injury cases has doubled since 1990. This is due to how more courts are looking to ensure that damages that relate to one’s future treatment needs are covered. This is especially noteworthy in that life expectancies among all people have increased in recent years.

Another trend deals with how guilty parties are looking more and more to settle cases outside of the courtroom. These parties are willing to avoid court hearings because of the time and expenses that can be involved with these cases. However, the main reason for this may be because of how a court might cause a guilty party to pay more in damages than what it would be dealing with in an out of court settlement.

It is very important to stay up to date on these trends as you never know which one may affect your Personal Injury claim. You can never be too well prepared and educated for your case.

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