Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney for Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is often a lifelong condition, and ongoing medical and other expenses quickly add up. Filing a personal injury claim against the party or parties responsible for the traumatic brain injury can be a means of recovering damages for paying those ongoing expenses.

Financial Liability for Your Traumatic Brain Injury

The manner in which a traumatic brain injury occurs determines who may be held financially liable for the injuries suffered. If for instance, the injury occurred in a work related accident, then the workers compensation insurance and your employer may be held liable. Or, if the injury resulted from a car accident, then the driver at fault and their auto insurance company may be named in your claim.

The Initial Consultation for a Traumatic Brain Injury Claim

An initial consultation with a personal injury attorney is the first step required for securing the legal help you need for your traumatic brain injury claim. The attorney will review the details of your claim with you during the initial consultation and most offer to do so free of charge. The lawyer will review the documentation you have supporting your claim and will evaluate the viability of your case.

Educating you on the personal injury claim process is a big part of the initial consultation with an attorney. During the consultation meeting, a personal injury attorney will give you an idea of what damages you may be able to recover, the timeframe for your case to be processed, and the normal proceedings that are part of a personal injury lawsuit.

Additionally, he or she will inform you of the billing schedule and provide you a fee estimate for handling your claim. Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency, meaning you need not be concerned about paying legal fees as the attorney is only paid if you receive compensation for damages. At that time, the attorney would be entitled to receive a previously agreed to percentage of the total damages you’re awarded in your case.

What Help can a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Provide?

A personal injury lawyer can help you determine who should be named in your claim and what damages you should seek. They will help you decide what a fair amount of compensation for damages may be in your case and will help you collect the appropriate documentation and other resources for successfully supporting and arguing your claim.

A personal injury attorney is a legal advocate and representative. They always work with your best interests in mind and serve as the central point of contact for all communications and negotiations regarding your claim. Your lawyer can advise you on which course of action may be best, given the circumstances of your case. He or she may recommend settling out of court or proceeding to trial. Regardless of which action is warranted in your claim, your traumatic brain injury attorney will seek to get you fair and sufficient damages for paying medical expenses and covering other losses associated with your injuries.