Personal Injury Claim; Common Mistakes Made When Making A Claim

06 Aug 2010

Posted by Norman

When you are trying to get compensation for a personal injury that you have suffered, you have to be careful because the authorities are going to look extremely closely into all the facts of the case before they can release any compensation. The following are some of the common mistakes people make when or before they make a personal injury claim.

1.It is a big mistake to move away from the place of the accident right after it has occurred. If it is a road accident, you need to stay there and take note of all the facts of the case yourself first. Take pictures if you can, which will be quite useful later.

2.Another mistake people make is that they don’t document all the relevant information. For example, if you are involved in an auto accident, make sure to take note of the contact details of the other persons involved in the acident, the car’s registration number, etc. If it is a workplace accident, such as being hit with a forklift operated by an outside person in your workplace, you have to write down their name and the model and number of the forklift and other such important information.

3.Some people make the mistake of not getting medical attention straight after their accident. This is foolish as, if you wait untill the next day, your injuries are going to increase. Moreover, if you wait too much, the insurance companies will think that your injuries are due to some other incident, not the one for which you are making the claims. When you visit the doctor, describe how the accident took place, etc. The doctor can verify your statements regarding the accident,if needed.

4.Some people also avoid calling an ambulance for assistance after an accident has occurred. If you cannot move, you must call an ambulance. The ambulance costs will also be added to the compensation, and you get one more solid witness to present when you are trying to prove that an accident indeed occurred.

5.Others also make the mistake of trying to handle their entire personal injury claim on their own. If you are involved in an accident you should call your family or a close friend immediately. Accidents might render you incapable of thinking straight or taking the right decisions. A person whom you trust can tell you of the right action you need to take.

6.Some people are also very disorganized with their documents and folders. If you are making a personal injury claim, you need to maintain all documents and records properly because you may need them to prove your claim later on. Preserve all the medical bills and prescriptions. Keep the bottles of the pills and the strips of the tablets that are prescribed to you. If you need to visit more than one doctor, keep their records as well. Records of any other related costs such as ambulance costs should be preserved as well.

Not following these simple rules are the common mistakes people make when making insurance claims. Be careful in these respects and you will find that you get your personal injury claim progresses more smoothly.

Getting involved with a Social Security Attorney is the best way to avoid making these mistakes. Personal injury attorneys have years of experience and know the best way to go about making your personal injury claim in the most effective and efficient way.

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