Judge questions safety of private eye Investigator firms by ICBC

So something really funny I read today just goes to show our progress in terms of personal injury cases. This story relates specifically to a car accident case where the victim received compensation about 6 years after sustaining the injuries. Apparently the insurance company hired investigators to monitor this Abbotsford man to prove that he was faking the injury. Paradoxically the videos proved no such claim, but they did show proof that the people videotaping were engaged in risky driving behaviors. They were essentially driving with one hand on the steering wheel while the other hand was engaged in recording the victim.

It's an entertaining and eye opening story.

"A B.C. Supreme Court judge has questioned the practice of private investigators hired by the Insurance Corp. of B.C. to drive with one hand on the wheel while videotaping people to disprove personal injury claims arising from car accidents.

Justice Nancy Morrison concluded the private investigator surveillance video footage was of little assistance in the court case.

But the judge noted: "The investigators testified they drove with one hand on the wheel and the other hand operating the video camera, up at the side of their head, to allow them to view through the camera what they were taping. That continues to be their practice today, according to at least one of the investigators, which was interesting, considering from whom they receive their instructions, a corporation dedicated to road safety."

The court judgment prompted ICBC to remind private investigation firms to videotape safely and not drive with one hand on the wheel while videotaping people."

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