Construction and Industrial Accidents

13 Aug 2010

Posted by Norman
There are so many possible dangers to construction and industrial workers. It is imperative for employers to do the best they can to guarantee workplace safety. When an employee is injured while doing his job, the contractor can be held responsible because he is liable for his employees’ safety. Some of the most common workplace hazards include falls, exposure to toxic substances, electrocution, forklift accident and scaffolding accidents. Several occurrences of construction and industrial accidents happen because employers continue to put their workers at risk pointlessly due to simple negligence or financial shortcuts. The construction industry is one of the industries which has a high number of cases of workers suffering sickness, injury and accidents to employees. Being hit by an object and slipping or falling from a height are just some of the most reported accident that usually occur in construction sites. Common injuries that usually result from construction and industrial accidents include head injuries, blindness, amputation, fractures, disfigurement and scarring. Construction and industrial workers have the right to work in a hazard free environment and those that were injured on the job may be able to recover compensation for their injuries, wage loss and medical expenses. In any construction or industrial injury claim, negligence on the employer’s part is often the cause. Employees should not be allowed to work on a construction or industrial project without safety gears like work gloves, hard hats, a harness and safety glasses. In spite of the fact that injuries can be the fault of a worker who does not take the proper precautions when working on a construction site, employers can still be held responsible for the accident if they have failed to supply sufficient equipments and safety tools to their workers and when they overlook to give safety guidelines. Filing an Industrial Injury Claim Any victim of an industrial accident, who can provide evidence that the injury was due to the negligence of the employer or another party can file an industrial injury claim. Every workplace has to comply with certain safety standards. It is essential that one has an in depth knowledge of all the rules governing work safety to know whether monetary compensation can be claimed. The key to win a construction and industrial injury claim is to consult a doctor and a personal injury attorney who has experience handling construction and industrial claims. Seeing a doctor will help claimants ensure that all their injuries are documented. To understand the case and legal procedures, it is wise to hire an industrial injury claims attorney who will assess the case and how strong it is. Your Industrial Injury Case The industrial accidents category covers various work-related problems. Construction accidents can be serious especially if due to heavy machinery or dangerous equipment handling. If you were injured because of a construction or industrial accident and you suspect that the burden lies with your employer or other individuals, contact an industrial injury lawyer at once to know your rights and if you are eligible for construction injury compensation. Most employers have their team of lawyers and they will try to avoid giving financial support. Having an experienced industrial injury attorney at your side can increase your chances of winning your case. Keywords: industrial accidents, construction and industrial accidents, industrial injury, industrial injury attorney, industrial injury claim, industrial injury lawyer, construction accidents, construction injury compensation, industrial injury case, construction and industrial injury claim



I guess it is an important section as far as personal injury sources are concerned.One of my teacher has faced similar trajedy few days back.

we have to take care when it comes to construction injury because we know that many companies selling bad raw materials. if we apply safety measures than not so many injuries can happen. Some worker also dont know how to use machines and their instruction. They have to learn first.


We should be very careful in our daily living because it is true that accidents are unavoidable. And we should always see to it that we do the things that this blog says.

-Sarah Joy

Although a large percentage of accidents occurring in the construction sector are due to employer negligence it is worth to note that there will always be a small percentage of shoddy employees who will always try to cut corners in their work. This endangers not only their own lives but that of others as well as damaging the reputation of the employer.


It is true that accidents are unavoidable. we should always see to it that we do the things correctly.