Barge worker awarded $14 million settlement

01 Jun 2010

Posted by Norman

Jeffery Yates, a former barge worker, has been awarded a $14 million settlement from his former employer, Hercules Offshore.

Mr. Yates was struck by a falling pipe which had been temporarily tacked to the barge's derrick. When normal work began on the ship again, the vibrations caused the pipe to become loose and fall 90 feet before striking Mr.Yates in the head.

Mr. Yates was represented by Houston, Texas personal injury firm Arnold & Itkin LLC.

In the lawsuit, it was said that Mr. Yates suffered traumatic brain injury, multiple skull fractures, an inter-cranial hematoma, spinal cord injury, facial fractures and multiple thoracic spine compression fractures. He was hospitalized for two months after the accident and was temporarily unable to walk or talk.

The plaintiffs attorneys prepared a 'day in the life' video to show how Mr. Yates' life had been affected by the accident.

Jason Itkin, a partner in Arnold & Itkin LLP , after hearing the result of the case, said,"This lawsuit sends a strong message that the health and safety of offshore workers must truly be safeguarded by employers”.