Aviation Accident Personal Injury Claims

13 Aug 2010

Posted by Norman
Most individuals think that air travel is the safest form of transportation. Flying may be safe but aviation accidents can also occur and can be catastrophic in terms of fatalities and injuries. The causes of aviation accidents significantly vary depending on the problems or circumstances that may arise before, during or after the flight process. Pilot errors, negligence of flight crews, mechanical or equipment failures, takeoff mishaps, contaminated fuel and bad weather are just some of the occurrences that can result to injuries or even death in the sky.

Negligence is often a factor in most aviation accidents. Pilot error accounts for almost 40 percent of all aviation accidents. There are various errors that pilots and flight crews can make that lead to accidents and these may include faulty maneuvers, maintenance problems, lack of planning or simple irresponsibility. It is indeed tragic that the mistake of some could lead to injuries and fatalities of others.

Most aviation accidents involve both major airlines or air carriers and general aviation air-crafts including helicopters, large business jets, small planes, hang gliders and pleasure crafts. A number of legal issues are involved in air transportation accidents. Aviation accident survivors are protected under the law. An aviation accident lawsuit should be filed at once by victims to receive full compensation. If such claims have been denied by a government entity, victims should seek the assistance of an aviation accident attorney.

Filing an Aviation Injury Claim

Aviation accidents occur on a regular basis. However, most of these mishaps do not always reach the news media as most do not involve commercial airliners. Smaller planes or chartered planes are often involved in flying accidents that lead to injuries for both the passengers and flight crews. Among the injury types that one may obtain from an aviation accident include brain injuries, fractures, severe burns, cardiac arrest, seizures, heart attacks, decompression sickness, stroke, whiplash injuries, spinal problems and psychological trauma.

No matter how minor the personal injury appears, filing a claim can be very helpful especially to those who are seeking compensation for lost income, medical expenses, physical pain, lost opportunities and psychological suffering. Compensation for personal injuries varies from case to case and usually based on the amount of damages suffered by the claimant. It would be helpful for a claimant to hire an experienced aviation accident lawyer as the body of law governing aviation accidents is complex and complicated.

Your Aviation Injury Case

If you have been wounded or injured during an aviation accident, it is imperative to be aware of your legal rights as well as the actions that you can take against those who may be responsible for the misfortune that you have endured. Consulting an aviation attorney can make a difference as he helps alleviate some of the distress and pain you have gone through by handling the majority of the administrative side of making a personal injury claim.

A Personal injury attorney, with experience in handling aviation accident claims, can provide you with invaluable assistance in pursuing your personal injury claim. They can help you increase your chances of getting all possible compensations that you deserve.


This article is very useful and it says the causes for the negligence and we should always be alert and should know air travel is safe if the precautionary measures are taken earlier.