Personal Injury Claims: Alabama

The laws governing personal injury claims vary from one state to the next. In Alabama, it can be very difficult to receive compensation for personal injuries. This is because Alabama personal injury statutes require that in order for you to receive financial damages for your injuries you must hold absolutely no responsibility for the accident or incident that cause your injuries. In other words, you must be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that another individual or entity was entirely at fault for your injuries.

Alabama is a “Fault State”

Because Alabama personal injury claims fall under the at-fault tort system, in which fault determination is required before compensation for damages can be awarded, it is crucial that you seek the help of a personal injury attorney familiar with handling claims like yours. The injures you suffer due to the negligent or intentional actions of another can be substantial, but receiving financial damages for your injuries in Alabama can be difficult given the tort requirements for determining liability.

Personal Injury Claims Filed in Alabama

Every year in Alabama tens of thousands of people suffer personal injuries. If even a small fraction of those individuals file personal injury claims, your claim can be caught up in the legal system for a long time. Hiring a personal injury attorney familiar with legal statutes and settlement negotiation processes can increase your chances of seeing compensation awarded in your claim and can shorten your wait for a legal settlement for damages as well.

Potential Damages for Personal Injury in Alabama

Your personal injury claim in Alabama can include damages for financial losses you’ve suffered due to your injuries, but also for physical and emotional damages as well. In some types of personal injury claims, punitive damages can also be sought.

The type and amount of damages you seek will depend on the details of your claim and the severity of the injuries you’ve suffered. In some cases, there are limits place on the amount of damages that can be awarded in personal injury claims in the state of Alabama. A personal injury attorney familiar with handling claims similar to your own can advise you on the type and amount of damages to seek in your personal injury claim and can give you an idea of the potential compensation you may be able to receive.

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims in Alabama

In addition to the tort requirements for receiving compensation for damages, there is also a statute of limitations on how long you have to file a personal injury claim in AL. In order to receive compensation for damages, you must file your claim within two years of the moment you realized you “suffered harm” due to the actions or negligence of another individual or entity.

In most personal injury claims, the statute of limitations clock begins ticking immediately after the accident or incident that caused injuries, though there are some instances where the “harm suffered” is not so apparent. A medical malpractice case in which injuries suffered are not discovered for weeks, months or even years later may be one instance in which the timeframe for filing a claim can be lengthened, but you’ll need the help of a personal injury attorney to prove you were unaware of the harm you suffered in order to remove the statute of limitations requirement for such a claim.

It is also important to realize that while you have two years file a personal injury lawsuit, investigating a claim and collecting the appropriate documentation for winning a lawsuit takes time. It is therefore crucial you seek legal help as soon as possible with your personal injury case. Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you can in order to provide him or her the time necessary to investigate your claim and build your case before the statute of limitation runs out on filing your claim.