2 Million Cribs Recalled Due to Safety Fears

24 Jun 2010

Posted by Norman
Over 2 million cribs from 7 different manufacturers have been recalled due to fears that infants using them may become trapped, choke or fall from the cribs or suffer other injuries. The 7 million cribs were drop side cribs; cribs were the side can be dropped down so parents have easy access to the crib. It has been found that the drop down side can become detached and fall off completely or can become detached in such a way that a gap is created where a baby's head can become trapped and the danger of choking can become a very real concern. the 7 manufacturers who had their cribs recalled were Evenflo, Delta Enterprises Corp., Child Craft, Jardine Enterprises, LaJobi, Million Dollar Baby and Simmons Juvenile Products Inc. Delta and Child craft have also said there may be issues with their fixed side cribs which could again lead to injuries and even death of infants. No deaths have been linked to the problems and dangers of the cribs which were recalled, however, there have been 16 cases of entrapment of infants, with one baby becoming unconscious and having to be brought to hospital. This latest recall means that 5 million cribs have been recalled in the last 5 years. Drop side cribs have been blamed for 32 deaths in the last decade and are suspected to be linked to the deaths of 16 more. This latest recall is part of the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) attempt to "clean up the market place from many of these unsafe cribs", according to CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum. Congress is also attempting to deal with these personal injury hazards as legislation has been introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., to outlaw the sale and manufacture of drop-sides along with a similar bill introduced in the House by Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley, also of New York. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, which represents over 90 percent of the crib industry,is urging parents not to use cribs with loose or missing parts. It also advises consumers to not use a crib that is older than 10 years because it may not comply with current standards. For more on defective product personal injury claims, please click here For more on motor vehicle personal injury claims, please follow this link
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