Minneapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

A Minneapolis personal injury lawyer will use their years of experience and knowledge of Minneapolis personal injury law to help give you the strongest chance of winning your personal injury claim.

Minneapolis personal injury law covers various circumstances that can cause physical or psychological harm to an individual. This body of law delineates a personal injury and sets up the situations through which an individual, company, healthcare facility, organization and other entity may be held liable. Although most personal injury cases involve minor or severe injuries, damages can also be sought by a person for being subjected to extreme verbal abuse or emotional distress.

Regardless of how minor an injury is, a certain level of financial loss is almost always suffered by the victim and his loved ones as a result of their injuries. Injured people usually face expensive medical bills, emotional distress, lost earnings and other damages. To provide relief to injured people, Minneapolis personal injury law allows any injured individual to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the party who caused the injury.

Negligence Most personal injury cases in the city of Minneapolis are based on negligence, which refers to one’s failure to use reasonable care around the defendant. Common personal injury accidents in Minneapolis include auto accidents, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse. In these cases, Minneapolis personal injury law requires a claimant to prove to the court that his injury is the result of the other party’s negligent acts. Medical records, statement of witnesses, and proof of income are just some of the things that are usually required in a negligence based personal injury claim. A Minneapolis personal injury lawyer can help you obtain all of these documents.

Strict Liability Product liability, environmental hazard and animal attack accidents are some examples of personal injury cases in which the manufacturers, distributors, pet owners and business enterprises are strictly liable for any injury their products, activities or pets may cause to others. In product liability cases, Minneapolis personal injury law does not require a claimant to show negligence on the part of the manufacturer or distributor. A claimant need only show that the product is defective in manufacture or design, rendering it unduly dangerous and the main cause of the injury sustained.

Minneapolis personal injury law also imposes strict liability upon individuals who are engaged in hazardous activities like oil drilling, blasting and other risky but beneficial enterprises. As with dog bites and other animal attacks, owners are usually held strictly liable for any harm their pets may cause a person.

Intentional Acts Injuries that were intentionally inflicted by other people are also covered under Minneapolis personal injury law. These cases are based on intentional torts, which require the intent of the person at fault and the question of volition to be addressed. Some examples include battery and assault. Common defenses to these personal injury cases include self-defense, defense of property and defense of others.

Typically, personal injury cases are resolved through settlement negotiations. Since filing a lawsuit and going to trial can be a lengthy and stressful process, many injured people opt for out of court settlements instead of litigation. Following an accident, insurance adjusters usually get in touch with the injured person and provide a settlement offer that seems high in amount. Accepting a settlement agreement without consulting a Minneapolis personal injury lawyer is usually not recommended by legal experts who know Minneapolis personal injury law well as much higher amount of money can be obtained if a personal injury case is handled by an experienced Minneapolis personal injury lawyer.

Whether you wish to settle outside of court or go through the litigation process, it is highly recommended that you speak with a Minneapolis personal injury lawyer to assist you.