Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

A Miami personal injury lawyer has an in-depth knowledge of Miami personal injury law and experience handling personal injury cases which will boost your chances of making a successful Miami personal injury claim.

Miami personal injury law is a body of law that provides compensation to people who have been injured (physically or psychologically) due to another’s negligence or misconduct. This area of law makes it possible for an injured individual to receive a monetary award for injuries suffered. If you have been injured, you may file a personal injury claim under Miami personal injury law against the person who caused your injury. Suffering a personal injury accident can be a terrible experience which can leave you with severe injuries, expensive medical bills and psychological trauma. Therefore, it is only fair to make the liable person compensate you for all your losses and damages. A Miami personal injury lawyer can help you obtain this compensation in the least stressful way possible.

Major Areas of Miami Personal Injury Law Auto accidents, including car collisions, motorbike accidents and other road related incidents, are the leading causes of personal injuries in the city of Miami. Many people end up in emergency rooms due to these accidents and the negligent behavior of drivers which lead to them occurring. However, these accidents can be prevented if one would be very careful with his/her actions. Each car driver has the responsibility to drive carefully and to follow traffic rules and regulations. If a car driver is reckless and causes an accident to occur, he/she can be held liable for the injury sustained by victims.

Another area of Miami personal injury law that is gaining concern is medical malpractice. If you believe you have been misdiagnosed, given the wrong dosage of medicine or suffered a complication as a result of a surgery, you may bring a personal injury claim against the medical professional or hospital. Medical negligence cases are difficult to deal with. Obtaining legal representation is crucial in these cases.

Other areas of Miami personal injury that are often talked about in the courtrooms include product liability, animal attacks, asbestos and other harmful chemical exposure, slips and falls, accidents in the workplace, assault and battery.

If you decide to work wit a Miami personal injury lawyer when filing a personal injury claim, you will first need to determine which area of personal injury your accident falls under and chose a Miami personal injury lawyer who has experience handling cases in Miami personal injury cases in this area of personal injury.

Miami Pure Contributory Negligence Just because you have been injured does not mean you can be compensated instantly. Before you can actually collect monetary award, you have to face stressful hearings with the other party, provide evidences that will strengthen your case, hire expert witnesses if necessary and show to the court that you contributed nothing to the incident that caused your injury. This last point is extremely important as Miami personal injury law is based on pure contributory negligence, which rules that an individual who negligently causes harm or injury to another cannot be held liable if the injured person contributed to his own injury in any way. So, even if you are found to be one percent at fault, you still cannot collect any damage award. A Miami personal injury lawyer will be able to identify the level of liability each person involved in the accident holds and who to name as defendants in your Miami personal injury claim.

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer It is important to have knowledge about Miami personal injury law when determining your legal rights and how you can protect them. The incomparable experience level of a competent Miami personal injury lawyer can make a big difference to the result of your case. With a Miami personal injury attorney at your side, all necessary form filings, document submissions and safeguarding of evidences can be done correctly. A skilled Miami personal injury lawyer can also tell you what option could be right for you as he/she defends you all through your personal injury case. The skill and experience of a Miami personal injury lawyer can only be of benefit to your claim.