Chrysler jeeps and Dodge Minivans recalled

thousands of Chrysler jeeps and minivans have been recalled because of the discovery of defects within them that may heighten the risk of car accidents.

Chrysler have recalled almost 575,000 vehicles because of a brake line and wiring defect. The defect is causing the vehicles to leak brake fluid which can partial loss of brakes in the affected wheel.

Last week, Chrysler issued a recall for 35,000 Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass vehicles due to sticky accelerator pedals that are failing to return to the idle position.

No accidents involving the vehicles have been reported yet. However, Chrysler are sure to have made more of a point in recalling the vehicle in order to avoid having to deal with a huge number of personal injury lawsuits like Toyota.

Vehicles have been recalled in the US,Canada and Mexico